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Quality Analysis

Other oils v/s gadiwala lubricants
1. Other oils being textured oil get jammed in winter conditions. It requires increasing the a temperature before being put to use in any kind of engines or machineries . ( Gadiwala lubricant which is monopoly domain of the BEEAN PETROLEUM CORPORATION has indifference effect towards weather temperature and hence doesn't get jammed even in winter conditions And hence , can be put to use without the requirement of being heated.)
2. Other oils when burnt form a clog which results in excessive wear and tear of the machine parts as the burnt particles create friction. (Herbal technology oil when burns creates a smooth powder like talcum powder and hence , there is no question of friction .)
3. Other oils don't release heat created in the machine parts and hence even though the oil lever remains the same , the heat which isn't release increases the machine temperature. ( Herbal technology oil releases heat hence, helps in maintaining machine's temperature at modest level .)

Exposure to water
Other oils when exposed to water have reaction with water and hence, create foam / sludge and thereby damage the machine's parts whereas the herbal based oil doesn't mix with water and hence saves the machine parts' wear and tear.
The gadiwala lubricant helps reducing pollution level almost by 35 - 75% of the existing pollution level . This will help in the long term in controlling the menace of Pollution and Global Warming .
1. CSIR - Indian Institute of Petroleum, Deharadun : Petroleum Ministry Govt. of India
2. Alternative Innovations Pvt. Ltd. , Faridabad ,India
Quality statement
Rise in temperature, pollution and non-degradable material like plastic and other solid materials is all a result of human activities and life style . We , through our product , will successfully control all the problems mentioned above and will always strive for its improvement.